Loan for freelancers – how do you get it?

Freelancers will experience again and again that it is not so easy to get a loan for freelancers. Unfortunately, many banks still think that freelancers are not creditworthy and are therefore reluctant to give a loan to freelancers. But there are also banks that think differently and also give freelancers the chance to get a loan. It may take a while to find the right bank, but it is not impossible to find a good deal.

A look on the Internet can also help here, where there are numerous providers who grant a loan. The borrowers are also checked here, but the processing time is considerably shorter than with house banks or savings banks. A credit comparison can help to find the right provider. So you not only find reputable providers, but also get an insight into the conditions and interest rates. These can vary widely, making a loan comparison worthwhile for all borrowers.

Requirements to get a loan for freelancers

Requirements to get a loan for freelancers

Freelancers cannot submit pay slips like employees. For this purpose, the applicant must submit other documents to the bank so that the creditworthiness can be checked. First, a profit and loss account is required so that it can be demonstrated that the freelancer is making enough money. On the other hand, the income tax assessments and the last bank statements are often requested. The applicant must show a positive private credit checker so that the bank also sees that the payment obligations are always met.

Increase credit opportunities with a surety

Increase credit opportunities with a surety

Freelancers can increase their credit chances if they provide a creditworthy guarantor. The guarantor is checked by the bank just like a borrower. This also includes querying the private credit checker, which should ideally not have any entries. The guarantor needs a secure income, which must be above the garnishment-free limit. If these requirements are met, an application for a loan for freelancers can be made. If no guarantor is found, other guarantees can also be provided. The collateral that a freelancer can provide is life insurance with a high surrender value. If the surrender value is over 5,000 USD, banks often accept an insurance policy. So a loan for freelancers can easily be taken out.

Should you guarantee a car loan?

The car loan with guarantors offers the lender a high level of security when granting loans. A guarantor can make a car loan cheaper, especially when it comes to online credit-related offers. In cases where the applicant is faced with a lack of creditworthiness, a guarantee can help to improve creditworthiness. In the following article, the advantages and disadvantages of a guarantee for a vehicle loan are discussed in more detail.

Guaranteeing a car loan is a matter of trust.

Guaranteeing a <a href=car loan is a matter of trust.” />

Who should guarantee a car loan should really be able to trust the borrower. A guarantee has legal consequences, at the latest when there are problems with loan repayment. In the worst case, the burden is liable for the entire loan amount and the additional costs, but also interest. In principle, therefore, the warning only applies to a guarantee if there is an exceptional basis of trust. In this case, a loan guarantee can also bring great benefits for the borrower.

The car loan with a guarantor significantly increases the creditworthiness of the borrower. The loan can then be made significantly cheaper. Interest rates are always associated with the risk of the investment. If the risk can be assessed as low, then the interest rates are low; if the risk is increased, the required interest rate also increases. With a car loan, the guarantor brings together two risk-reducing factors. The vehicle itself represents a not insignificant material asset.

The lender could fall back on it in an emergency. The second risk reducing factor is the person who is a solvent guarantor. If the borrower does not pay, he can be held liable for the loan. A guarantor therefore creates additional trust in the repayment security and thus often ensures more favorable loan conditions.

In the case of creditworthiness problems, the loan is often only possible through guarantors.

Self-employed tradesmen particularly often have problems proving their creditworthiness. Even with a good order situation, they are therefore only granted a car loan with a guarantor. Only the guarantor, according to the specifications of many banks, ensures the repayment of a loan for entrepreneurs.

An alternative to car loan with guarantors is the Swiss loan for self-employed, offered as a foreign loan by credit intermediaries. Of course, these banks also expect to ensure repayment ability. But the income from self-employment can be assessed differently and therefore lead more easily to lending.

Another alternative to handle a car loan with guarantors is the “gray” credit market. This means loans from private investors. A vehicle that can be used as security for lending increases the chances on the private credit market considerably. Anyone who has no guarantor or does not want to have anyone guarantee their car loan has alternatives.

Denmark’s Cheapest Car Loan this year

More and more Danes are financing their new car with a car loan. However, this has not made the world of car loans easier and clearer – some would say, on the contrary. Because there are many factors that you should keep in mind when comparing car loans.

Here, Good Finance has collected the top car loans with the lowest and highest and with and without a down payment, to give you the best overview. Choose the loan amount and loan period and find the loan that works best for you – free and no obligation!

Denmark cheapest car loan


When you need to find the cheapest car loan in Denmark, you should, among other things, keep an eye on the car loan’s APR, interest rate and monthly payment. When comparing car loans it is important that you compare car loans that have the same terms and conditions. That way you get the best and most accurate comparison.

You can also find the cheapest car loan in Denmark by having a car loan with the most accurate maturity. The maturity is the period during which you pay off the loan. Therefore, it is recommended that you set the maturity to a period which corresponds to the period in which you have the car. This way you avoid paying for a car that you no longer own.

Our four examples of car loans are calculated * based on the fact that our fictitious person would like to buy this year’s car in Denmark 2020. The Citroën C4 Catctus is available from USD 170,000, and our fictitious person, therefore, wants a payment of USD 50,000 with maturity at 7 years.

Denmark’s cheapest car loan 2020 – without payment


Some loan providers give you the option of taking out a cheap car loan without a payout, that you have to provide some sort of collateral. If you take out a loan with a down payment, it means that you have to pay a percentage or percentage of the loan in order to take it out. If the car loan payout e.g. is 20%, then you have to pay 20% of the loan yourself. If you borrow USD 150,000 and have a payout of 15%, then you have to pay yourself USD 22,500 to get the loan.

The payment provides a guarantee for your loan provider that you have money in the account and that you are thus able to repay the loan. When you borrow money in your bank, you usually don’t have to provide collateral to get your cheap car loan. We have therefore listed the 5 cheapest car loans with a maturity of 7 years, which you can get without having to make a security. The cheap car loans are sorted by the OPP. A loan without collateral can also be combined with your existing loans in a collateral loan.

For all car loans

There are some extra expenses on top of the loan itself. This includes a monthly set-up cost, administration fee, and 1.5% stamp duty to the state. The latter occurs when entering into asset transfer agreements, as is the case when lending loans. In addition, there are usually fees in whole or in part of the repayment of the loan and/or a fee when the mortgage is canceled in connection with the car loan termination.